What happens at my first appointment?

Your first appointment is always so exciting (for us too!) and how wonderful to share it with family and friends. However you would benefit by limiting your guests to one or two. It can become confusing and overwhelming with too many opinions. Bring somebody with you who knows you well and who can offer constructive comments.

Do listen to your bridal consultant who will have experience in advising you on your dress-silhouette regarding your shape, venue and style of wedding. Do let your consultant know of any special requirements you have, for example you may want to conceal a tattoo or you may be arriving at your wedding on horseback!

Perhaps take with you some shoes with heels, if that is what you think you’ll be wearing. If you are tall and wearing heels you may need to order a gown with extra length.

You will be trying on sample dresses, so bear in mind that it will take 4-5 months for your dress to arrive. Time must also be allocated for any alterations that are normally required. At Pastel Shades we do offer a speedy delivery service which ranges from 8-12 weeks, depending on the designer.

Do ask about the cost of any alterations. We keep our prices to a minimum. All alterations are carried out on the premises. We can also customise your dress to make it more individual.

Feel free to bring along any jewellery or perhaps an heirloom veil so that you can see how it complements the dresses that you try on.

Most appointments last around an hour and a half but we won’t rush you. It’s a big decision and we won’t pressure you. We want you to enjoy the experience, so make the most of your appointment.